Bull Chaney

Part I: Pit Bull on the Playground

by Larry Greco Harris

If you Google the words “Bull Chaney” (with the quotation marks)  into your web browser,  you will come up with two results right away: One result is “Bull Chaney” the person and subject of this story. The other is “a pit bull namedChaney”.

As different as these two search results may seem at first, to see Bull Chaney walk toward you for the very first time might make you  wonder if maybe those two Google results aren’t  somehow related.

At 6’3”, weighing 263 pounds, sporting a broad mustache and sun glasses above a powerful build, Fredrick “Bull” Chaney’s entrance  into a room turns heads—much like the arrival of a pit bull through the open gate of a playground turns heads.

Now most people know that not every pit bull is dangerous—but then again some are.  It’s this vague history and the “not-knowing”  that turns those heads and starts the concern.

Likewise, if you combine Bull Chaney’s initial appearance with his history of having spent 17 years in prison, including a stay in San Quentin, you might find yourself wondering, Who is this guy, what does he want, and should I be afraid of him?”

Well, here is the short answer in one breath: Once he was a boy, then he was a drug dealer, often he was a prisoner, along the way he became an addict who played the sad role of an absent father who later, as an ex-con, faced his demons and his fears to transform himself into a good husband, an attentive father and an excellent influence on an ever-arriving stream of ex-convicts into a community that is much better off for having welcomed and employed him.

Yes, Bull Chaney is the pit bull for whom you open the playground gate.

. . . this true story to be continued . . .