Caroline Taylor-Hitch

Part I: Where You Live, What You Do

by Larry Greco Harris

It would seem that Caroline Taylor-Hitch might have had such a mantra humming in her head as she put one hand across her eyes, allowed her other hand to hover over an open map of California, hummed a few magic notes, and then trusting Earth’s gravity and Life’s luck, let her finger fall.

Caroline, a recovering teen addict from the San Francisco Bay Area, was taking a first step on a fresh road to a new life. And apparently the “where you live” in this formula was going to start wherever her finger fell.

“If you looked at me just a few years ago, you would have seen a drug addicted 15 year old who wasn’t going to school, and instead, was doing all kinds of stupid stuff. Lost I guess. Maybe a better word is “aimless”. It really didn’t matter, though, because I truly thought I would be dead by 18.”

“I didn’t go to classes during the first two years of high school. Nobody could make me go. I’d have people drop me off in front of the school every morning, but I wouldn’t actually walk in. In two years, the only credits I had were from the drama classes I took. Those classes were the only things I’d go to school for.”

Despite her early drug involvement and her absence from school,  Caroline counts herself as a very lucky person to have discovered acting. For her, it has become a fulfillment of the second line in theHappy Life Mantra: “It’s What You Do.”

“I was 10 years old when I jumped onto a stage for the very first time. I fell in love with it. I’ve been involved in theater ever since.”

Maybe it was this passion to perform that pushed Caroline to finally enter the doors of the high school and stay. Once there, besides attending regular classes, she deepened her theater credentials by taking on more and more responsibilities.

“I started directing plays in high school, and became the drama club president. I learned that theater is what I love to do and that I could never leave it.”

So armed with the knowledge of It’s What You Do, and trusting to luck for It’s Where You Live, Caroline Taylor-Hitch opened her eyes that day, looked down at the map and found that her finger had fallen directly atop the city of Santa Maria, California. So with the Central Coast as her destination, Caroline pushed off on a journey away from Who She Loved and Who Loved Her to start, star in and direct a new story about a happier life.

. . . this true story to be continued . . .